Rain Chain Downspouts

Welcome to Rain Chain Downspouts!What is a Rain Chain

This is THE place to go when you are tired of the old boring downspouts and you want to replace them with something that is unique, artsy and functional all at the same time.

Rain Chains are a great alternative to the downspouts we are all use to. Besides being a beautiful addition to your curb appeal they also sooth your soul as the rain is pouring down.

Of course Rain Chains have been widely used in Japan for years. Mostly used for decoration and the tranquil sound it gives off, but it’s become so popular that many have found ways to conserve water and create the soothing sounds of a waterfall by putting basins at the bottom of the rain chain.

No more sounds of gushing water…just a soothing lullaby of water cascading down each of these chains.

Rain Chains come in all sorts of different styles as well as material. From Copper Rain Chains to Brass and Aluminum Rain Chains you have a huge selection to choose from.

Watch a Rain Chain in Action

CAUTION: May relax you to the point you fall asleep.