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What are the benefits of Rain Chain Downspouts

Besides being Functional and Aesthetic, rain chain downspouts actually have quite a few benefits that you probably haven’t even thought about. These top 7 benefits are straight from the mouths of those people who have installed rain chains as well as professionals who work with gutter systems. The Functional Benefits of Rain Chain Downspouts Protect your home… Read More »

What is a Rain Chain and How Do They Work

Simply put a Rain Chain is nothing more than a decorative alternative to the “old hum drum” gutter down spout that we are used to. When you exchange your regular down downspout for one of these Rain Chains you’re opening up a whole new world. The first time I heard about Rain Chains was when… Read More »

Rain Chain Styles

When looking into all the Rain Chains and seeing the different ones I could choose from I was actually overwhelmed but then I realized that there are really only 2 styles I had to choose from. Of course once I decided on the style then came the hard part…choosing between all the beautiful designs within… Read More »