Decorative Gutter Downspout Accessories

So before I started this little trek down Rain Chain alley I had NO IDEA there were so many different accessories for rain gutters. From practical accessories like diverters and elbows for the downspout to leaf guards and splash blocks.

You also have some of the cutest, decorative downspout extensions I’ve seen. I just never knew these things existed until now.

Knowing that the purpose for the downspout is to direct water away from the foundation and that the gutters are what carries the rain to the downspout, it’s nice to know that you can spruce it up and bring some charm to your home.

Decorative Downspout Splash Blocks or Guards

The following downspout splash blocks are designed to direct and distribute water away from your foundation. If you have mulch around the bottom of your downspout this guard will also keep it from washing away.

Decorative Downspout Extensions

Add a little pizzazz to that boring downspout by installing one of these unique and fun extensions.