Rain Chain Styles

By | June 9, 2014

When looking into all the Rain Chains and seeing the different ones I could choose from I was actually overwhelmed but then I realized that there are really only 2 styles I had to choose from.

Of course once I decided on the style then came the hard part…choosing between all the beautiful designs within that style.

STYLE 1 ~ Rain Chain Cups

These cups come in small, medium or large. They have all sorts of different designs so it really depends on what you are looking for. From Butterflies and square cups to Lilly Flowers and wood cups, it’s all about your taste.

I will say that for the Florida rain that we get here I would go with the big cups. The smaller ones tend to splash more because of the torrential downpours that we experience here. The bigger cups hold more water at a time so there is less splashing and more of a waterfall going on.

Examples of some Rain Chain Cup styles:


STYLE 2 ~ Links

Rain Chain Links are actually what the Japanese used in their homes to capture the rain for their household chores and such.


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